Welcome to the 4th LIN Symposium

August 25 - 28, 2014

The Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology will organize from the 25th to the 28th of August 2014 the 4th LIN Symposium. The meeting will focus on very recent developments in synapse biology. A group of excellent scientists from Europe, Asia and the USA will cover several different aspects of synaptic and neuronal function. We will discuss the assembly of the pre- and postsynapse, the dynamics of trafficking of protein components and molecular and cellular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity. Changes in the synaptic protein composition, long-distance communication and regulation of protein trafficking as well as homeostatic and clustered plasticity will be covered at the meeting. One major aspect of the meeting will be the synaptic pathology in brain disease conditions.
In addition to the invited speakers we will select 6-8 speakers from submitted abstracts for shorter presentations.
The venue (the small Hanse town Tangermünde with a center that dates back to the 11th century) provides an optimal setting for novel interactions and interesting discussions.

Thanks to all participants for a great meeting!  See you at the next LIN-Symposium!


Confirmed speakers

Scientific chairs and organizers:

Michael R. Kreutz, Anna Fejtova, Renato Frischknecht, Martin Heine, Constanze I. Seidenbecher, Christina Spilker, Uli Thomas